Ace designer Santanu Guha Thakurta presents Avant Garde designs in fashion show titled Naksha

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Bengali Traditional Designer Sarees presented at Naksha

Ace designer Santanu Guha Thakurta in association with Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers presented an evening of avant garde designs titled Naksha in front of a packed audience at ICCR.


Eminent dignitaries like Sudeshna Roy, Richa Sharma, Riddhi Bandopadhyay, Madhubani Chatterjee and others were present at the event. These personalities were felicitated before the actual event started.

Speaking at the occasion, Sudeshna Roy said “The saris look interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the fashion show”.


The fashion show was divided into four segments. The first segment was the Mahabharata collection. The look has been inspired from the tales of Draupadi and her five Pandavas.

The second segment is the Nakshikantha Collection. Nakshikantha means embroidered quilt, which is a century old art of the Bengalis.

The third segment at the fashion show consisted of the Madhubani/ Kalamkari/ Batik collection. The Madhubani saris had the stories of Radha Krishna painted on them. The Kalamkari saris had peacock motifs dyed on them using block printing.


The last segment of the collection consisted of the Durga collection. This collection is inspired by Potuas and their contribution to the art of Bengal. Pure Tussar had been used with a rich color palette showcasing the various aspects of the Durga Puja. The saris portrayed the paintings of Kalighata Patachitra and Medinipur Patachitra. The paintings on the saris consist of motifs like Thakur dalan, Morog lorai, Baiji nach and Kola bou snan.


The fashion show under Santanu Guha Thakurta’s label Prayash, fused tradition with contemporary elements and presented to the audience interesting saris just before the Durga Pujas.

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