Actress Ridhima Ghosh at Dr.Paul’s New Summer Skin Care Service Launch

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“It is extremely essential for people to maintain the good health of the skin. With the rise in pollution all over the city, it is essential that one must take ample care of the skin. With this latest technology, I think many people will benefit much during this summer” said actress Ridhima Ghosh at the launch of the Diamond Probe Skin Polishing Technique at Dr. Paul’s. Also present was Mr. Nripendra Guha, CEO, Dr.Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic.


With the help of this technology, one will be able to get benefits like scar revision, superficial pigmentation removal, superficial pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles removal, laser hair reduction and many other such benefits.

Ridhima Ghosh also added “Since I am in the glamour world, it is essential to maintain one’s looks. Even the people who do not work in this industry are also taking steps to maintain their looks in today’s time”.


The new regime can be tried on individuals aged over fifteen years of age. The technique can be used on all kinds of skins.

A specially trained therapist from the clinic also performed a skin regime on the actress at the occasion.

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