Asli Chehra Selfie Contest Judged by the Naturally Beautiful Actress June Maliah

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“I have never tampered much with my skin. My grandmother always told me to eat healthy and I follow that even now. I stay as much from parlors as possible. It is not that I am against parlors but I think the skin must not be tampered much. We must age gracefully. Age is just a number” said actress June Maliah at Asli Chehra Selfie Contest organized by Joy Skin Fruits Face Wash.

The contest covered about two thousand college students in each town. The brand Joy believes that one must be beautiful naturally. Five winners from each college participated in the grand finale held at The Park. The winners were selected by June and they also got to click selfies with her.


Speaking about the contest, June said “I will be selecting that girl who has a naturally glowing and radiant face. I know it is hard to keep that at such a young age as you need great discipline. But it will be interesting to see who is already maintaining their skin from this age itself”.

Since selfie has played a great role in getting the girls selected, our correspondent asked June about her obsession with selfies. “Frankly I used to earlier think how people can be so addicted to the social media. But after I joined Instagram, my friends have asked me not to post any more pictures. I have been boring them with my pictures, they say. Jokes apart, social media is very much popular among the young people. It has its pros and cons just like everything else” added the actress.


With this initiative, the brand wants to promote the fact that one must maintain their skin and also take ample care of it. Because glowing skin makes you look beautiful!!

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