ATRY’s Salon and Spa Celebrates of Three Years of Beautiful Living

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ATRY’s salon and spa is located in the nerve of the city and having started its journey in 2011, the salon recently celebrated its third anniversary. Present at the anniversary celebrations of the salon and spa were actress Dolon Roy, Rupanjana, model Aditi and the creative director of the salon Atreyee Majumdar.

Atreyee Majumdar is the person who is the pioneer of this beauty treatment center and had started her career in 2011. ATRY’s is a confluence of recreating women and bringing about a transformation in internal as well as in external beauty.


ATRY’s on their third anniversary declared the launch of the first Day Spa Salon in North Kolkata with clinical treatment in makeovers, a clinic of cosmetology cum hair styling and fashion makeup. While ATRY’s is popular for its beauty treatment it has spread its work in the bridal makeup spheres also.


Dolon Roy who was present at the occasion said “One thing which Atreyee said touched me very much. Unless your inside is beautiful, no matter how much you beautify externally, you will not look good. Hence it is important to be at peace within.”Rupanjana praised the efforts of Atreyee and wished her all the very best for her coming endeavors. Model Aditi said “There is a recent increase in awareness among the people for beauty treatments. Hence the growth of such salons and spas are a blessing in disguise for the customers as they will be able to relax here and also cater to their beauty needs”. Tollywood actress Dolon Roy cut the cake with Atreyee to mark the third year of completion of this salon and spa.

Hence if you want to look beautiful this summer, head straight to ATRY’s for the best beauty treatment facilities.

Priyanka Dutta

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