Designer Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya’s Debut Exhibition The Third Eye- Fusion in Fashion Held

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Designer Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya’s debut exhibition The Third Eye- Fusion in Fashion was inaugurated in the august presence of singer Riddhi Bandopadhyay.

The hand embroidery of Gujarat is rich, varied and versatile. Couture Mahamaya, the brainchild of Kuheli Ray Bhattacharya supports more than fifty artisans from the remote villages of Jikadi, Bhujod, Padhdhar, Anjar, Lakhpat, Dhori and others.

Dhotis, kurtas, skirts, stoles, saris formed a great part of this exhibition. The women who are married off at an early age are involved in such kind of work. The designs are given by the designer and the women do the work on the saris. “Initially they did not want to do this kind of work. But I had to first convince the elder male members of the family. They even asked whether the women will be getting paid. I then told them the entire thing and they agreed to do the work” said designer Kuheli.


The designer is involved in an initiative White Desert Mahamaya which provides academic support to close to 250 underprivileged children in Pandhdhar village, Bhuj.

With such a noble initiative, designer Kuheli has been doing great work in the field of fashion!!

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