Exclusive Varanasi Weaves Exhibited at Taj Khazana Trunk Show

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Taj’s in-house lifestyle store Taj Khazana, showcased its collection of Varanasi weaves in an exclusive ‘Trunk Show’ at Taj Bengal. Taj Khazana will have a collection of meticulously hand-woven saris, salwar dress material and dupattas for the customers at this Trunk Show.

Benarasi Saris have historically been considered to be among the finest saris in India. Known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, intricate designs and opulent embroidery, these saris take anywhere from 15 days to a year to weave.

Some classic designs that were on display are:

Jamawar: Each Jamawar sari is a shimmering tapestry of intricate design, in colors that range from the traditionally deep, rich shades to the delicate pastels. A minimum of four months’ effort goes into the making of each Jamawar sari. Jamawar saris typically have a diversity of designs and motifs influenced by different parts of the world.

Jaangla: As the word implies, the sari borrows motifs from the rich foliage of a jungle. Several other motifs or bootis such as Bagh Boota (bunch of flowers), Pankha Booti (fans), Kairee motif, Phool booti and Jaal booti can be incorporated to enhance or reinvent the style quotient of these perennial beauties.


The tradition of the hand woven fabric is being slowly replaced by power looms, where prints are replacing the finesse and intricate beauty of a craftsman’s weave.

To spearhead the revival of the art of master weaving and as a part of its initiatives of providing sustainable livelihood opportunity to the weavers, the Taj Group has extended support to the master weavers of Banaras. Taj believes that luxury, much like tradition, needs to be preserved and nurtured and hence this initiative.


The Trunk Show will have a special festive offer of up to 30% off.

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