Fface Calendar 2015 Final Auditions held; Ten Fresh Faces Selected for the calendar

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Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence (Fface) organized the final auditions for the selection of faces for the Fface Calendar 2015. The auditions for the finals took place at ZAF Lounge. Present for the screening of the candidates were Tollywood film director Raj Chakraborty, designer Sarbari Datta, actress Sayani Dutta, producer Satrajit Sen, designer Indroneel Mukherjee, jewellery designer Nilanjana Chakraborty and founder-owner of Fface, Neil Roy.


The Fface Calendar in 2014 received huge success. This prompted owner and founder of Fface, Neil Roy to start this process again this year. “We received great response in 2014. Hence we thought of launching fresh ten faces yet again this year. Fface was created to provide a launching pad for the new and upcoming talents in the film and fashion industry. We have been continuing with our work even now also” said Neil Roy.


Over hundred enthusiastic and confident participants participated in the final auditions of Fface Calendar 2015. Out of them only ten got selected. The first round saw the contestants state the reason on why they should be selected for the Fface Calendar 2015. They were judged on the basis of their confidence, poise and physical attributes in the final round. The contestants enrolled for the auditions through an online application process.

Fface Calendar 2015 will be a good launching pad for many new talents in the field of films and fashion.

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