India’s First Ever Online Bindi Portal, Launched

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The traditional Indian look is never complete without a bindi. It remains an undisputed fact that just a bindi can change one’s look. No wonder women of all ages over the years have always opted for the bindi to enhance their looks. Having spent so much time hunting for the perfect bindi to match your attire and suit your face, what if you get to now order your bindi online? This became a reality with the launch of


The bindi has been an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe over the years and continues to remain so. But with the offerings of bookmybindi, there will be a few changes around the looks. While earlier bindi was confined to just traditional Indian wear, with the number of options available on the website, you will be able to choose your own bindi from a wider variety of patters, colors and designs and match it with any of your outfit.


The bindi brings along with it a few advantages too. It is also scientifically proven to relieve headache, clear sinus, strengthen facial muscles and beat wrinkles, reduce fine lines between the eyebrows, beat insomnia, calm the mind and so on.

Customers can select from over one lakh bindis. The price range starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 4999.

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