INIFD’s Annual Exhibition titled “Style Directions 2015-16” graced by actress Payel Sarkar; Jomer Raja Dilo Bor inspired Gothic Collection launched

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INIFD-Fashion-showINIFD’s Annual Exhibition titled “Style Directions 2015-16” showcased the creations of the students at their Lindsay Street outlet. Jomer Raja Dilo Bor team comprising of director Abir Sengupta, actress Payel Sarkar and producer Anushree Mehta were present to grace the occasion. Mrs. Susan Mantosh, Managing Director of INIFD was also present at the occasion.


On this occasion, the graduating students of Interior Decoration department showcased their creations. Apart from showcasing their creations, a coffee shop named Café La Signora was also inaugurated on the occasion by the Jomer Raja Dilo Bor team. Café La Signora means beautiful lady. The theme of the café is the empowerment of the women.


Speaking at the occasion, actress Payel Sarkar, who plays the role of Ria in the film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor said “I am amazed at the way the students actually designed the classroom into a café. The motifs on the walls are interesting and speak much about their creativity. The Gothic Collection inspired by the film is also very apt and well made”.


Apart from this, Window Display titled Zushi and Krylasis was also on display. Zushi means strength and the shop window has been designed to show the ravages caused by a tornado and leaving a ray of hope behind the destruction. Krylasis is another name for cocoon and is representative of the raw material we get to make garments.

Flea market named Trash and Treasure is a room which had been turned into a flea market beside a sea beach displaying their products.

INIFD’s Annual Exhibition was therefore high on creativity and fashion.

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