Innovative lighting concepts for this Durga Puja at Marici Experience Centre in Kolkata

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“Let there be light” said God and lo, there was light on Earth. Well, the same is true for the various lighting concepts that Marici Experience Centre (CB 69, Salt Lake, Sector 1, Kolkata- 64) has brought for the people in the city of Kolkata just before the festive season.

kolkata lighting concepts

Architectural indoor lighting, architectural outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, lighting control and automation and fans are available at this newly opened store. The light studio owners aim to create something different for the customers. They simply do not want to sell light fixtures. Instead they want to create an environment conducive to the display of lights.

The state of the art lighting studio has a great range of products on display ranging from track systems to profiles, recessed to surface mounted ceiling fixtures, underwater to ground embedded fixtures, fans to chandeliers, table lamps to floor lamps and so on. One highlighting feature is that all are operated with the help of a centrally operating intelligent lighting control system.

new interior lights

Ritvik Kumar of Marici Experience Centre said “We do not sell light fittings. We sell lighting concepts. This is the difference between us and the other people operating their business in the same segment. We understand the needs of the client brief them and then work as per their requirements. This enables them to get great lighting for their offices or homes”.

Hence, if you are planning to deck up your home or office with great lighting, head straight to Marici Experience Centre to get great lighting concepts.

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