International Beauty and Hair Expert Emma Ekman Shares Precious Beauty Tips

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Glitz N Glamour (IHB ) Approved Hair and beauty academy, Glitz n Glamour is the one and only IHB approved academy in Kolkata and has started the new session in 2014 for which the the academy even organized a special training for their students. This training started on 14th January and continued till 18th January, This special training was given by International Beauty and Hair Expert Emma Ekman who hails from Sweden. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta learnt some great beauty tips from the beautiful lady, Emma.

Emma has been in the country and has been travelling for a period of four and a half months. “I am a passionate traveler and I have been to places like Mumbai, Rajasthan and many other places. I have been travelling a lot. I know there is a lot to see in the country and I am having a great time exploring the beauty of the country. In Kolkata, I have visited the Victoria Memorial and that is very beautiful” said Emma with a big smile. The beautician whom many will be mistake for an actress was full of praises for the Indian food. She specially mentioned the rice preparations, breads and the spices which catered to her palette very much.

The beautician stressed on the fact that women in India must trust their hair stylists. “They do a great job and they know the procedures thoroughly. During the winters your hair and skin need special care and hence you must trust their advices” said Emma. The weather in Kolkata is humid and this is good for the people in the city. “Using a conditioner is better after washing the hair with shampoo. The shampoo opens up the ends. The conditioner moistens the hair and prevents it from breaking. For maintaining good skin health, consuming good amount of fruits and vegetables is a must. The availability of vegetables in India is great and whenever I come here I eat a lot of vegetables” added Emma.


“The students are open and warm hearted. It is a great experience teaching in the city. I have been spending a lot of time in the city. I have been conducting seminars and taking classes. The difference between the educational structures in beautician courses is the difference which I will be pointing out. Here everything is done at a quicker pace. In my country however it is difficult as you will have to study for three years, then work for one year and appear in a test. Once you pass the test you become a beautician. The process is different here” highlighted Emma. For her, hands on training is of prime importance in these kinds of works.

These beauty tips by Emma will surely be of much help for the readers and we hope that you all get radiant, healthy and glowing skin and lustrous hair without much of an effort.

Priyanka Dutta

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