International Hair Stylist Ralf Boss Introduces TIGI to Kolkata

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An experimental hair styling session was organized at the Park Hotel where eminent hair stylist Ralf Boss, TIGI Creative Director, Taiwan styled eminent Kolkata model Sona Goldar’s hair in various styles.

TIGI is a professional luxury hair styling and hair care brand which has been in this business for the past forty years. They have great experience and they have been redefining the standards of excellence by creating a wide range of products suited for the various hair types. This also helps them to cater to the needs of the diverse customers too.

The principle of TIGI is to work with the professional hair dresser and recognize them for the great artistic work that they have been doing. At TIGI they strongly believe that doing different hairstyles is also an artistic work. The products made by this company have been developed by hair dressers and this has been done to help fellow hair dressers engaged in this field of work. This enables them to elevate the level of work and also create great hair styles as per the requirements of the clients.


Three international brands of TIGI are now available in the Indian market. Bed Head and S Factor are available at select salons across the country and can be purchased by individuals. Copyright Colour is strictly for use by the hair stylists. Bed Head is for those individuals who love experimenting while S Factor is for those women who want sensational and beautiful hair.

Therefore for those who want to experiment with their hair and maintain it in good condition, TIGI products are the answer.

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