Kolkata Fashion Fair Inaugurated by Designer Abhishek Datta

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With changing of times, becoming fashionable has become easy for all. With many fashion fairs held all over the city, even the common people can acquire fashionable stuff for great prices. Kolkata Fashion fair (KFF) – Dhadkan is inits seventh year and the event was inaugurated by eminent fashion designer Abhishek Datta.

KFF-Dhadkan stands out due to the feel and the element of originality. This makes it different from the other fashion fairs held across the city. Exhibitors from various parts of the country have come to this exhibition. Some of the places include Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Jaipur, Maharashtra and so on. The specialty of this fashion fair lies in the fact that importance has been given both to regional as well as national level fashion needs of the people. The exhibition boasts of the perfect balance between quality and variety.


Designer Abhishek Datta who liked a pink and white clutch and some of the fabrics on display at the exhibition said “This is a great exhibition where one will be getting all the products under one roof. This is incredible. The fabrics used are very soothing and will be a good buy for the customers in this scorching high heat. Traditional designs and contemporary designs both have been blended well by the stall owners. The customers surely will be spoilt for choices”.

Great selection, exquisite designs will surely appeal to the customers going to this fashion fair. Make sure you do not miss going to this fair if you want to be stylish and carry yourself in style.

Priyanka Dutta

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