Kolkata Lifestyle Exhibition Assortment Supports Vocational Training Institute for the Specially Able ‘Mentaid’

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Arundhati Gupta organized a three day exhibition at her Dover Place residence titled Assortment to help mentally challenged individuals. The three day exhibition saw a huge display of handcrafted jewellery, Shantipuri sarees, salwar suit sets, Kalamkari sarees, leather bags, silk, chiffon and georgette sarees, handpainted umbrellas, kaftans, artworks, handmade paper bags, towels, gift cards, coasters, tablemats, freshly ground packaged spices and delicious home cooked eatables.


Mentaid started in July 1996 with the money provided by the National Institute for the mentally handicapped, Secunderabad. The organization helps in preparing young men and women with mental handicaps by providing employment which enables them to work with dignity and self esteem. Some of the fields in which they are employed include silk screen printing, masala, handicrafts, mushroom cultivation and so on.  A stipend is provided to them based on their production levels.


“I have been associated with Mentaid for about twenty years now. I worked as a journalist before and during one of my assignments I visited them. I became interested about their work and I started working with them. Now I edit the newsletter of the organization. The mentally challenged individuals are taught certain vocations at Mentaid. With the help of these, the capable individuals work and they earn. A part of the proceedings from the sale of the products made by the mentally challenged will be given to Mentaid” said Arundhati Gupta while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Products made by the mentally challenged individuals include hand stitched towels, gift cards, crushed spices, handmade paper bags and small bags.

Exhibitions of this kind are a bit off-beat from the glamorous exhibitions that customers mainly visit. However initiatives of this kind must be appreciated in order to encourage more organizations to help in the overall development of the society.

Priyanka Dutta

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