Poetic Styles of Shaniniketan Showcased in Spring Summer Collection 2016 by ‘Bohurupi’

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An exhibition of ‘Bohurupi’ by Abhisek Roy of Spring Summer Collection 2016

Was recently held at ‘The ChaiWala’ (6/12 Graham’s Land. Kolkata-40).


Bohurupi is a label that has its origins in the poetic and bohemian soil of Shantiniketan. The brand has the sole purpose of somehow breaking the monotony of the day to day lives that we all go through. The bright colors and the use of the natural soft fabrics are some of the ways in which the brand aims to achieve their purpose.


Tolly celebrities like Mimi Chakrabarty, Sohini Sarkar, Bony Sengupta , Kaushani Mukherjee, Sayani Datta, Riddhima Ghosh, Aparajita Addhya, Mainak Banerjee, Sampurna Lahiri,  Neil Roy, Abhigyan Mukherjee,Mahua Halder. Anindita Bose ,Saurav Das,Aniruddha Chakladar , Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh and many more film and television personalities came to encourage the young designer during the exhibition.

Priyanka Dutta

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