Recycled Phulia Tant make for trendy summer wear; Contributing to nature and the society

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Coinciding with the World Environment Day theme of “7 Billion Dreams. 1 Planet. Consume with Care”, India Green Reality brought to the people a designer exhibition Recycled Tānt Waste Fashion. The exhibition showcased garments created out of rejected materials from the handlooms of Phulia.

Fashioned by Nandan Das, who has spent a considerable part of his time in Europe, the exhibition showcased some quality products. To make the event even more meaningful half of the profit earned from the sale proceeds went towards the welfare of the underprivileged children from the NGO Khushee.

Speaking about the clothes, designer Nandan Das said: “All the products are made from tānt waste materials or export rejects. Hence they are 100 per cent natural fabric woven by expert weavers from Phulia in Nadia district.”


This Recycled Tānt Waste Fashion helped the neglected weavers from Phulia earn some money and gave delighted customers low cost chic fashion made from tānt. This also lent a supporting hand to the handloom industry by promoting handloom products. The theme of the exhibition aligned with “Make in India” vision by utilizing 100% homegrown resources from Phulia.

A praiseworthy endeavor indeed!!

Priyanka Dutta

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