Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips for both Men and Women from Expert Beautician Roopali Chauhan

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Roopali Chauhan, Course Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology shared some beauty tips which will make both the men and the women look their best on Valentine’s Day.


Five essential beauty tips that the women must remember includes the following tips. Firstly cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be done regularly to keep the skin healthy. Exfoliating once a week will help in new cell production too. Secondly pampering the skin is also a good thing to do during the festival of love. Chocolate loving individuals have even more reasons to rejoice as dark chocolate is a good cleanser. It smoothens and softens the skin. Thirdly rather than selecting a red lip color women should opt for the soft pink or berry hues which will add beauty to the lips and make them more kissable. The fourth way to enhance the beauty will be by using a liquid highlighter under the foundation. This will give a natural glow to the face. And the fifth way to look gorgeous will be to ditch the greasy foundations and applying tinted moisturizers or face and body foundations. This will give a dewy look and make the women look fresh.


As for the men folk, some of the beauty tips shared by Ms. Chauhan are that the men should smell good and not stink. One must never use an overwhelming deodorant or use deodorant with cologne. They must instead focus on an unscented aluminum free deodorant.

Using these simple techniques will be indeed be good for both the men and the women to look presentable and also impress their dates. Enjoy the day of love with your loved ones..

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